Summer wants Bradley as her mentor

Summer wants to spend more time with Bradley and manipulates Susan into making him Summer’s mentor. Bradley isn’t impressed with the idea initially but suggests they get to know each other better and joins her at the Charlie’s trivia night. They enjoy each other’s company and Bradley starts to realise that there’s more to Summer than he thought; particularly when she makes a move on him at the end of the evening… and he reciprocates.

Tash has made it clear to Andrew that they’re not friends and her assistance in front of Paul was a one-off. But when she sees Andrew in danger of having another fit, she steps up and takes control again. She agrees to help in the future, too, but needs a change in her shift patterns in return.

Susan wears some of Vanessa’s clothes, triggering compliments from Bradley and making Vanessa suggest that he might be interested in her. Fearing she might be right, Susan worries about a possible uncomfortable conversation to come.