Despite OB defending her from Steph’s sniping and Max’s fussiness, Summer has finally had enough of Hollyoaks and tells OB she’s off to London today. Desperate for OB to go with her, Summer is disappointed when he insists he can’t. But just as she’s heading to the bus station, Max reminds OB that Summer is the best thing that ever happened to him. They race off to the bus station, reaching Summer in the nick of time.

Gloomy Danny refuses to talk about his date with Hannah, taking his mind off it by stealing Dom’s trade. He and Leo dress in makeshift Roman outfits and begin touting for business. Meanwhile, Sarah is livid when Hannah fills her in on yesterday’s disastrous date and confronts Danny over his insensitivity. Remorseful Danny tells Hannah he never meant to hurt her, and she agrees to give him a second chance.

Despite his happiness at being with Robin, John-Paul feels uncomfortable flaunting his sexuality in front of priest Kieron. At the SU bar, Zak is concerned to spot Robin ogling other guys. Zak confides in Kieron that he’s not sure Robin is right for John-Paul, but how should he tell him?

Also, Sarah almost catches Zoe and Mike together.

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