Susan is shocked when Summer hands in her resignation, believing she’s doing it to follow Bradley. She tries to get Summer to reconsider and eventually reveals the truth behind Bradley’s departure from his last job. Summer is adamant, however, and believing Susan has no faith in her, she leaves to meet Bradley to catch their flight. However, he doesn’t turn up and she can’t get hold of him. Eventually Bradley answers his phone – he’s caught an earlier flight, and as the conversation unfolds, Summer realises that Bradley has no intention of being with her.

Priya’s affair with Paul causes her to be late home and she’s forced to use Susan as an excuse again. Priya tries to rope Susan into being her alibi, but Ajay turns up unexpectedly and Priya is nearly caught out. After Ajay leaves, Priya is forced to lie to Susan, claiming she’s keeping pole dancing classes from Ajay. It’s clear that the consequences of her affair are taking their toll on Priya.

Chris has finally convinced Sophie to teach him to play the guitar and, as she finally lets go, he sees the old Sophie shine through. It’s all so fleeting, however, as she’s called away by Kate.