Paul informs Summer of the readers’ response to Chris’s letter and she realises just how selfish she’s been. She asks Karl’s advice on how to win her friend back and she starts to make small gestures of selflessness to Karl and Tash, not waiting for their thanks. She makes a bigger effort with Chris, who soon realises her intentions are genuine and the friends reconcile at last.

Priya warns Paul about Sophie’s failing grades and he decides to have a word with her. Zoe offers to talk to her, but Paul feels Zoe’s getting too close to his family and declines. Later, when he finds Zoe bonding further with the girls, he confronts her but needing to keep her on side to further his business plans, he backs off. It’s clear, however, that Paul is not comfortable with the situation.

Tash tries to make amends with Ed, but is devastated when her attempt at reconciliation is rejected. Spurred by Summer’s attempts with Chris, she goes all out, dressing as a Viking to win him over… only to find she fails again.