Andrew is racked with guilt over deleting the history wall footage, while Summer looks at her other uni options, knowing she will have to give up her dreams of journalism. With an English exam first thing in the morning, Kate offers to get them practice exams, to make sure Summer does well.

When Andrew arrives with Chris and Tash for a group study session, Summer’s not happy and keeps snapping. Desperate, Summer takes photos of her revision notes on her phone to help with her exam!

Lucas and Emelia’s romance continues to blossom but she’s clearly not comfortable when he mentions Michael’s name. At school, Lucas offers to help him set up for tomorrow’s exam and when he starts asking about Emelia, Michael gets wound up.

Later, the guys have a beer at Lucas’s house when Emelia turns up, locked out of her house. Michael’s not impressed, as he was under the impression they weren’t seeing each other any more. As the arguing starts, Lucas tells them to both to stop.

Making them stay for dinner, Lucas tells them to sort out whatever it is that’s causing such a big problem. Against Michael’s wishes, Emelia explains what happened – but is she telling the whole truth?