Summer’s had enough

Desperate to get away from Tash and Andrew, Summer asks Chris if she can stay at his house, however, she’s disappointed when he says she can’t. When Zeke arrives for a late night broadcast on PirateNet, he is surprised to find Summer there but persuades her to go one air with him.

When Summer gets a call form her nan, Zeke is concerned when he overhears Summer saying she is staying at Chris’s and calls Lyn. Summer tells her nan she is finding it too difficult being around Tash and Andrew and Zeke steps in and offers Summer a place to stay and a shoulder to cry on.

Lucas is still determined to take part in another illegal race despite Billy trying to persuade him not to. Meanwhile, at the station, Mark is heading up an operation to bring the illegal racing down and all those involved. Later that night, just as Lucas is about to go out, Sophie asks him to stay in with her as she’s still scared following the break-in. Both Lucas and Mark receive text messages with details of the next race, but Lucas is stuck home with Sophie.

The next day, Lucas arrives at the track and when Garland introduces him to ‘Rob’ he is stunned to see Detective Brennan.

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