Following Paul’s editing of Summer’s article, the council decide to do their own investigation into whether the community garden is a waste of money. Seeing Summer upset about the article, Andrew asks her what she thinks Paul would do, and encourages her to get one up on his dad. Just as they hack into Paul’s laptop, he walks in and Summer dives under the desk until Andrew gets Paul out.

Later, an excited Summer shows Sonya that she posted her original article on the paper’s website, believing that once something is online, there’s no hiding it. Her excitement is short-lived when Paul calls her demanding to see her immediately, and tells her to clear her desk. There’s more bad news when Sonya tells Summer, that following the council’s visit, they’ve decide to close down the garden.

Continuing her article on the patient advocacy programme, Susan spends more time with Jim. At the hospital, Jim struggles to stay calm while they carry out the treatment, and Susan stays at his side comforting him. So it’s no surprise when the doctor assumes Jim and Susan are a couple, causing a slightly awkward moment.

However, Susan offers to keep going with Jim for the next six weeks, and when Karl tells her they can go on their trek in four weeks time, Susan says she’s can’t go because of work commitments.