Summer’s protest lands her in trouble

Back in her own clothes, Summer is surprised to see Andrew in his school uniform. He tells her he started a Facebook page to rally support for Summer’s campaign, but she tells him that isn’t what she wanted. However, Andrew convinces her and with most of the students back in uniform, Michael decides to cancel the policy.

Not missing an opportunity to bring Michael down, Paul convinces Libby to get Michael to punish Summer for starting the campaign, on the promise that Paul will tell the board it was Libby’s idea, in a bid to get her further up the career ladder.

Libby’s reluctant, but knows she has to do it to get where she wants and so plants the idea of punishing Summer in Michael’s mind. At first, he doesn’t agree but then decides to suspend Summer. When Andrew tells Libby it isn’t fair, Summer tells him it’s not Libby’s fault, leaving Libby feeling bad.

Desperate for money to buy cool clothes, Sophie decides to look for a job but, only being 13, she struggles. However, when Lyn needs someone to look after Charlie, Sophie asks if she can babysit. Thinking she’s going to make lots of money babysitting, Sophie’s horrified when Charlie goes missing.

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