Summer tries to talk to Andrew about his argument with Paul, but he refuses to talk. Later when Summer turns up at the hospital Andrew is not pleased to see her and lashes out when she asks him where he went after the wedding. Alone with his dad, Andrew apologises to an unconscious Paul, explaining the reason he lost it was because he had been cut out of Paul’s will. Summer listens on in horror.

After giving her statement to the police, Summer is worried when Detective Brennan asks to speak to her. During her interview she lets slip that Andrew and Declan are rivals over Paul and that Andrew was so angry with Paul on the night of the wedding that he said he wished Paul was dead. Knowing she has said too much, Summer rushes over to see Andrew, however she is too late and when she arrives, Andrew is being put into the back of the police car,

Libby is convinced that Ben is a gifted writer after seeing some of his work, but when he’s not allowed to do a speech at school, having been accused of cheating at his schoolwork, Libby is furious and has a word with his teacher.

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