Following a spate of warehouse robberies, Pcs Nate Roberts and Emma Keane visit a second-hand store undercover and arrest owner, Bob Hawkins, when he produces a tray of stolen jewellery. When questioned, Bob reveals that the gang behind the recent robberies are due to visit his shop later that day.

DCs Jo Masters and Mickey Webb set up a sting and are terrified when a 4×4 smashes through the front of the shop and masked robbers demand a certain camcorder from Bob. Bob later admits that he gave the robbers the wrong camcorder – and still has the one they were after.

Back at the station, the tape from the camcorder shows a couple getting frisky, and CID realise that the woman on the tape is Charley Myers, the girlfriend of dangerous gangster Craig Frances. But as the man on the tape isn’t Craig, the team set out to find the passionate pair before Craig does.

Also, Pcs Beth Green and Diane Noble learn never to trust a conman.