Sun Hill closes in on Dean’s abductor…

At a press conference about abducted 11-year-old Dean Clarke, Supt Heaton is being hounded by reporters probing him about child killer Linda Johnson’s involvement when Pete and Tommy Barclay, the relatives of one of Linda’s victims, demand to talk to him.

At Sun Hill, Pc Diane Noble finds a ransom note, demanding that Linda drop £10,000 in a park in return for Dean, and DI Neil Manson organises a sting. Watching as Linda walks to the meeting point, Neil aborts the mission when he sees Pete running towards her with a knife.

Later, the team discover that Scott Haworth is Dean’s abductor, and a shocked Linda reveals that Scott was their first victim, who she helped escape before he was killed. Assuming Scott wants answers, DCI Jack Meadows and Heaton use the media to let Scott know that Linda’s in hospital.

But does Scott want answers – or revenge?