Prostitution can be a nasty business – especially when it involves under-age girls. Fifteen-year-old Helen Harris has been missing from home for two years when she’s found on the streets in a bad way, covered in bruises and cigarette burns and the Sun Hill officers have to tread carefully to get her story…

DC Terry Perkins and DS Max Carter are first to talk to Helen, but she won’t talk to them. All she’ll say is that she wants her boyfriend Hassan Kaymaz to come to the hospital. Terry tracks him down – and finds him in the arms of another teenage girl called Abi. Hassan says he hasn’t dated Helen for two years and refuses to go to the hospital.

It takes DC Grace Dasari’s softly softly approach to get Helen to reveal that Hassan’s uncle, Alican Aygun, forced her into prostitution and hurt her. The officers realise that Hassan is part of the set-up, grooming the girls for brothels around Britain. But can they convince Helen of that? And will she finger Alican so that he can be nicked before he gets his hands on Abi?

Perhaps an equally big question is: can Max be relied upon to do his job properly. He’s developed a taste for cocaine and that can’t be good for anyone – especially him!