Sun Hill investigates a drug gang

Pcs Will Fletcher and Leela Kapoor arrive at a flat where they find two badly beaten men. Nosy neighbour May (played by ex-EastEnders star Anna Wing) advises the officers to talk to Max, the chair of the residents committee, who confirms that the flat is used by a gang of drug dealers.

Later, Will and Leela find another badly beaten man and talk to Max again. When Will notices Max’s bandaged hand, he arrests him on suspicion of GBH and, when questioned, Max confesses to the attacks. When Max reveals his bitterness towards the police for failing to stop the gang, Will confronts Sergeant Stone about recent events…

DS Phil Hunter visits Louis Dreyfuss’ house and finds Louis’ wife Monica, shaken up following an aggravated burglary. At Sun Hill, DC Grace Dasari suggests that Louis staged the burglary himself, but Phil disagrees. Later, Phil and Grace quiz a man, Dean Lamb, about the incident but when he remains tight-lipped they let him go.

Back at the Dreyfuss’s home, Louis confesses to Phil that he owes £1.2 million to a man called Robert and he thinks that Dean was sent as a warning. Louis assures Phil everything will be fine once he signs a big contract, but when Phil and Monica are left alone and end up kissing, it looks like there could be more trouble in store…

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