Sun Hill tackles the football hooligans

Sergeant Nikki Wright briefs both Sun Hill and Barton Street troops about the football match they will be policing together later that day. The officers are urged to remain alert at all times, especially as DC Terry Perkins will be undercover in a pub near the stadium to try and arrest Justin Young, a supplier of illegally imported goods.

Everything’s going to plan until a fight breaks out in the pub. While Terry tackles Justin alone in the cellar, the officers upstairs call for back-up to control the brawl. Amid all the chaos, a horrified Pc Roger Valentine discovers an officer has been brutally stabbed…

Elsewhere, Pcs Tony Stamp and Lewis Hardy are approached by Abha Chaudari whose boyfriend, Jarvis Lloyd, is lying unconscious after an attack. DI Samantha Nixon suspects it’s the work of the Sken gang and when it transpires that leader Dino Harrison spends his time at Lewis’s cousin’s cafe, the Pc is asked to help investigate.

When questioned, Dino tells the officers they should be looking for someone much closer to Jarvis. But Sam thinks Dino might know more than he’s letting on when she discovers that he’s Abha’s ex-boyfriend – and she’s eight months pregnant!