Dev suggests to Sunita that they should spend more time together as a family. But he has to hide is disappointment when Sunita disagrees and says she’s happy with things as they are.

Steve’s worried about Becky who hasn’t been home all night. Becky has stayed with Roy and Hayley and is trying to prepare herself for her mother’s funeral. When she returns to the Rovers to get ready Steve demands to know where she has been and is unsympathetic when she tells him she has a funeral to go to. Refusing to go with her Steve is shocked later when Roy berates him for not supporting Becky at her mother’s funeral. He sets off on his bike to try and find her.

George persuades Peter to accompany him to the Oakhill open day. Despite his arguments and disagreements with Ken in the past he’s still determined to have a say in his grandson’s education.

Also, the Websters unite as a family as Sally prepares for her first course of radiotherapy; Joe suggests to Gail that they have a few days away on the boat to take their mind off their problems.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Liz berates Becky for not telling Steve about her mother’s death and funeral. But despite Becky’s reaction she insists that she and her mother never got on and she isn’t sorry she died.

Liz knows Becky is putting on a brave face. Meanwhile, a drunken Steve is forced to leave his bike at a pub after having one too many and heads home to try and make things up with Becky. He desperately wants her back and asks her to forgive him for his moronic behaviour, but is stunned by what she tells him.

Gail is pleased when Ted comes to stay, but Joe is less than happy about the arrival of his father-in-law – especially when he asks him for the money he owes him. Keen to get away Joe tells Gail he has booked them a couple of days away at the cottage where they spent their honeymoon.

Also, Simon is very excited about everything he has seen at Oakhill and Peter eventually gives in and agrees to let George pay for him to attend. Ken is not impressed with the idea but has to accept the situation through gritted teeth.

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