Dev drops Bernie at the Golf Club and is surprised to see his children Aadi and Asha in the back of Matt’s car. Matt explains that he’s engaged to Sunita. Dev’s shocked and calls in to see her. She apologises for not telling him about her engagement, and although secretly put out Dev puts on a brave face.

Simon tells Peter and Leanne about the row between his two granddads. Meanwhile, Ken moans to Deirdre and Blanche about George and how he’s spoiling Simon, but Deirdre has little sympathy. Ken decides to hold a meeting in the Rovers to protest about the new bar, but when Peter hears about it he storms into the Rovers and tells Ken exactly what he thinks of him. Later, Peter announces that he and Simon won’t be spending Christmas with the Barlow’s.

Sally chides Kevin when he forgets their wedding anniversary, but Kevin points out they can’t celebrate two wedding anniversaries every year. Kevin gets out the Christmas decorations while Sally pulls out a fairy which Rosie made when she was four.

Also; Carla receives a letter from Tony in prison and tells the factory girls there’ll be no Christmas party as they need to work harder to remain in business.

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