Sunny is proud that she has had her braces removed but her joy is short lived, as details of Zeke’s romantic past with Taylah come to light. Feeling the lack of her own romantic experience, she goes searching for more information from others, and Toadie and Donna provide further details of Zeke’s numerous ex-girlfriends, making her feel even more insecure.

When Zeke is reluctant to discuss it, she ambushes him live on PirateNet. But the resulting on-air debate only leaves her feeling even more confused and hurt.

Zeke goes into action to restore Harry’s reputation at school. It works, but Kate remains determined to get Amanda back for her cruelty. With Donna’s help, Kate gets Amanda pushed off the Deb ball planning committee, but Amanda vows even harsher revenge. Kate’s stunned when Harry reveals Amanda has asked him to the Deb ball.

Harry is thrilled, but Kate knows Amanda is planning to get back at her through Harry and by hurting her brother. She tries to warn Harry, but he is so excited to have the attentions of the hottest girl in school he doesn’t care, and refuses to listen. Harry’s confidence is shattered again when Amanda makes out with Kyle right in front of him.