Sunny goes missing

At the music festival, Declan and Bridget celebrate the end of their teenage years in rebellious style. Sunny and Zeke also make up, but when their reunion kiss is interrupted by a thoughtless prank from Declan and Ringo, embarrassed Sunny takes off and gets lost in the crowd.

Out of her element, and feeling foolish, she seeks the quiet of the bush, ultimately becoming lost and disorientated. While on the phone to Zeke, Sunny falls down a ravine before she can let anyone know where she is. Will anyone find her before it’s too late?

Having made an effort to step outside her comfort zone and attend the festival, Elle begins to worry that Lucas might be bored with her. When she raises this with him, Lucas surprises her by declaring his love. But Lucas reverts to gambling and goes missing when Elle needs his help in the search for Sunny.

Without the burden of children, Steve and Miranda make plans for a romantic evening. Miranda’s plan to ask Steve to move back in is temporarily derailed by Lou’s ‘equal pay’ dispute by his young dog-walkers. Toadie is brought in to break the strike and Miranda eventually manages to pop the question, and Steve returns to the Parker household.

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