Sunny opens up to Zeke

After being dared to kiss Zeke, Sunny finds herself spending a very tense 10 minutes locked in a storeroom with him. When their time is up and they still haven’t kissed, they discover that the door to the storeroom is locked and their friends have scattered. With nothing left to do but talk, Zeke slowly gets Sunny to open up about her insecurities. Gradually she starts to trust him, and they move in towards a kiss just as their apologetic friends arrive to let them out.

Ringo is still seething from the fact that Donna claimed she never loved him, and resorts to badmouthing her in front of all his friends. Donna is outraged to discover that he has accused her of using guys, and tells him she will never speak to him again.

Steph is furious to discover that Greg went behind her back and enlisted Tim Collins to file a defamation suit against Toadie. Greg defends himself, arguing that he won’t sit back and let her be humiliated. However, Steph ditches the case, saying she doesn’t need to be looked after and agrees to help Toadie to rewrite the play.

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