Chaos descends on Holby City when a porters strike threatens to bring the hospital to a standstill. Bloods remain undelivered to the lab, patients are left to wait in corridors and staff morale is at an all-time low. Who else can save the day but Nursing Consultant and all-round superhero Mark Williams?

When Mark realises that hospital boss Cunningham is planning to use the strike as an excuse to get rid of some of porters, to replace them with cheaper agency staff, the altruistic nurse takes action. Crashing Cunningham’s important meeting with the board, Mark and head porter Barry battle to save the hospital from losing valuable staff members.

In the end, calm is restored and Cunningham is so impressed with Mark’s handling of the situation that he encourages him to apply for the newly vacant post of hospital CEO. Can Mark make the leap into the business side of the job?

Elsewhere, Connie is fuming that Ric and Michael are colluding together to job share the role of Chief of Surgery, and the arrival of a patient who is also a friend from her past gives her the chance to prove her worth.