Surburban mayhem

When a bloodied body is discovered in the kitchen of a house in a leafy suburb, it’s up to detectives Scott and Bailey to investigate the crime.

The first line of their enquiry turns to the man’s son, Daniel. He was the last one to see his father Ed alive and to speak to him, so everyone is immediately suspicious that he’s the one responsible, and Ed’s wife Sarah is devastated.

When the house is dusted for fingerprints, Gill discovers that there are a total of 37 sets. It’s a long list to narrow down, but one – from a known criminal – particularly piques their interest.

Plus, the police discover that Ed’s wallet, phone and car are all missing. When they arrive at previous offender Andy’s home, they can’t believe Ed’s Aston Martin is casually parked outside. He tries to run away from the police, but when they finally catch up with him and arrest him, pieces of the puzzle start falling into place.

Meanwhile, with things becoming more and more strained with her estranged husband, Janet is thinking of asking her mother to move in and help look after the children.

And when Rachel is at home, her mobile phone rings when she’s out of the room, so husband Sean decides to pick it up. It’s a man who’s looking for someone called Suzie. Sean ignores it, and dismisses it as a wrong number. However, Rachel is fraught. She realises that it’s the man who she slept with and accidentally gave her number to.

Finally, they arrest and charge Andy for killing and robbing Ed. Daniel is found to be not guilty, although Rachel continues to arrest him for hitting his mother.