Xavier, April, Ruby, Casey, Dex and Kate have planned a camping trip for the weekend. Roo overhears they intend to go surfing at a notoriously dangerous reef so she makes Ruby promise not to go in. Charlie is preparing for her Detective exam and just as she is about to leave, Roo tells her about Ruby’s surfing trip. Charlie decides to skip the exam and calls Brax to ask him to meet her at Nelson’s Noose.

Colleen continues to spread rumours about Elijah and Laura’s ‘unsavoury’ relationship. Elijah’s meeting with Bishop Pitt doesn’t go as planned. The Bishop tells him that funding for the Shelter has run out, so there is no longer a place for him in the Church. After Leah hears the news about Elijah, she warns Colleen to stop spreading rumours. Next thing she knows, Colleen is struck by lightning!

Kate tries to convince Dex that his little charade is wearing thin and unless he ends it, she will publicly dump him. A storm is brewing out at sea as Dex confesses the truth about Kate to April. Just as he is about to declare his love for her, he hears cries for help and the others pull an unconscious Xavier from the surf.

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