Surgeons: At the Edge – BBC2

Top surgeons attempt to transform the lives of two patients in tonight's Surgeons: At the Edge

Top surgeons attempt to transform the lives of two housebound patients in tonight’s Surgeons: At the Edge

In tonight’s episode of this incredible series, former butcher Chris is having truly extraordinary surgery that involves breaking and realigning his back.

Consultant Anaesthetist Khalid Hasan prepares Chris for his operation

of heavy lifting have damaged his spine 
so badly that he can no longer stand up straight or walk, and he is in constant, agonising pain.

Surgeons: At the Edge of Life - S2

Consultant Spinal and Neurosurgeon Navin Furtado

His surgeon, Navin Furtado (pictured above), and a huge team of theatre staff, remove a chunk of his lower spine and then insert 23 screws.

The hope is that this drastic and dangerous op will allow Chris to stand and walk without pain.

The second operation is for Judy, whose life has been completely disrupted by a huge abdominal apron, or build-up of fluid, that once removed makes her an astonishing seven-and-a-half stone lighter.

TV Times rating: ****