Surprise! Bob proposes to Brenda (VIDEO)

*Episode One*

It’s touch and go, but Dan gets Brenda to Bob’s surprise by virtually kidnapping her and driving her to a beautiful part of the countryside, where Bob’s waiting with a picnic, a proposal – and a marching band. And Brenda says ‘yes’ she’ll marry him. Of course, Bob’s planning a conventional wedding, but Brenda’s already got an unconventional union all lined up: a handfasting ceremony. It’s supposed to be happening right this minute so Brenda and Bob have to get up of their knees and start running… to a waiting helicopter!

Laurel needs a hero, someone who can make her feel as safe and secure as she did before she was carjacked. Marlon’s doing his best, but it’s not good enough. Laurel’s as jumpy as a kangaroo; she doesn’t want to get in a car and she thinks every knock on her door is her carjacker. She could be a danger to herself – and others…

Vanessa’s playing a dangerous game. She thinks having Rhona dependant on her will make her appreciate her. But Rhona isn’t grateful and she’s not happy; she resents Vanessa’s control of her and her resentment is growing all the time.