Surprise! Mo’s back!

Roxy offers to move out when she hears Alfie telling Jean not to bother telling Kat that Roxy is staying. Later, the pair are back to being friends and their banter turns playful. As Alfie goes to squirt Roxy with a soda pump he’s surprised by Mo, demanding to ask what’s going on, and gets her instead!

Denise realises that Kim’s reticence to spend time with Sasha is because she’s scared she’ll make her look stupid. Denise arranges for Kim to look after Sasha for the day to show her that she can do it. Kim reluctantly admits that she and Sasha have had a good time together. A pleased Ray asks Kim to look after Sasha again tomorrow.

Dot is shocked when Ian freaks out in the launderette when he sees Ben with Bobby. Dot realises Ian has a problem with Phil and tells Phil he needs to resolve it. Phil confronts Ian and instead of getting angry, instead convinces him that they need to pull together to help Ben. Meanwhile, Shirley lends Dot the DVD of Heather’s hen night, thinking it will give her comfort, but instead Dot feels heartbroken.

Also, Michael despairs when pregnant Janine calls off the wedding, saying she’s too fat to be a bride!