Surprise! Pollard’s birthday turns X-rated

*Second episode*

There’s a surprise birthday party for Pollard in The Woolpack. But as Finn gets the B&B owner to the do, he’s in for even more of a shock when Val reveals her montage… It’s meant to show the story of Pollard’s life, but instead the guests are treated to saucy pics of Val, who dies in shame at her mistake!

The Dingles are in freefall, having a new baby to deal with while Charity is in prison. But who got Charity pregnant? While Cain broods about his ex’s latest shocker, Debbie is in a state. Loyal Pete is there for her, but she wants Ross even despite knowing she can’t have him. Ross, meanwhile, gets a talking to from James, who warns him to keep away from Debbie. But even Carly can’t pique Ross’s interest. He has fallen for Debbie – big time.

Kirin continues to large it to block out the pain of his messy split with pregnant Vanessa. Getting a ton of mates round to his dad’s place, a party soon spirals out of control, leaving Priya fuming when she comes home to find the bash in full swing. As she kicks out the teenagers, drunken Kirin takes his bad behaviour a step further and tries to kiss his future stepmum!