Susan admits she caused the accident

With Bridget still unable to breathe without the aid of a ventilator, the Parkers struggle to remain positive. Meanwhile, Susan insists she has no choice but to confess her part in their daughter’s tragic accident. Miranda is furious, and angry Steve vows to see her fully punished. Ned tries to defend Susan but Riley accuses him of being disloyal to his family, as Karl and Susan head to the police station where Susan hands herself in to be formally charged.

Oliver is furious to discover that Ramsay Street residents have decided Declan is guilty and, even worse, don’t care that he’s gone missing. With Carmella’s help, he searches Erinsborough, oblivious that Declan is in his own hotel with two prospective criminals.

Adam jokes to police partner Sophie that they’re going to be in trouble for letting Declan escape and suggests that Sophie should find herself a new partner. Unable to put the embarrassment of their kiss behind her, Sophie admits that it might actually be a good idea to end their working partnership.

Her attitude causes Adam to worry and admit to Pepper that he’s concerned what his superiors will think when they see he can’t get along with his colleagues.