Susan and Elle are kidnapped by Pete Ferguson who instructs Elle to ring Paul and demand he run his story in the paper. Elle’s call raises Paul’s suspicions and Rebecca rings the police. When the police refuse to help, Paul, Karl and Rebecca end up launching their own investigation.

Meanwhile, Elle is feeling claustrophobic trapped in the car, while Pete makes her call Paul again. Paul manages to keep her on the line long enough for the police to trace their whereabouts and they begin their search. As time goes on, Karl urges Paul to just print the story and sacrifice his reputation. Paul agrees, but when the newspaper comes out, there is a headline with Pete’s picture saying ‘Manhunt for Kidnapper.’ Elsewhere, Susan manages to escape Pete’s clutches but Elle is not so fast.

Libby and Dan’s date goes well and they end up in the bedroom, but Dan is put off by signs of Lucas’s previous involvement with Libby and he ends up calling it an early night. Unaware of Dan’s issues, Libby is left bemused, while Lucas continues to wind Dan up.

Also, after a dodgy band rehearsal, Ty wonders how to tell Sienna about her lack of singing talent.