Susan’s thrilled to receive Karl’s romantic invite to her own surprise wedding on the Thames. But the couple’s happiness is interrupted by Izzy, who’s there to break the news to Karl about the baby.

But, when Izzy’s waters break, everyone is forced into action, and Karl turns doctor to help deliver a baby girl who Izzy names Holly. But when Susan overhears Izzy reveal her new baby’s real parentage, she’s left with a dilemma – should she tell Karl the truth?

As Stingray’s funeral looms, there’s tension in the Timmins House, and things aren’t helped by Kim’s arrival. Finding it difficult to cope, the sight of his dad prompts angry and emotional Dylan to attack him, and Steiger is forced to step in to stop things getting nasty.

Dylan admits to Steiger that his thirst for revenge led him to almost kill Paul Robinson, and asks Steiger to arrest him before he murders someone else. But Steiger’s more interested in arresting Kim…

Janae and Glenn bump into each other at the hospital, where they’re both having tests to find out if they’re pregnant with Boyd’s baby. Boyd visits Janae and tells her he still loves her, and Glenn realises she’s lost her man.