Susan and Karl try to stay strong

Susan and Karl struggle to deal with the news that she has MS but are determined to stay strong for the children. Zeke fears the worst, having lived through the situation with both parents before, while later, Karl finally breaks down. Carmella works herself into a jealous state when Marco leads her to believe he’s taking a client on a date. Rosie advises her to go to Charlie’s to spy on Marco, but when Carmella gets there, she sees he has been stood up. But she’s stunned when Marco admits he made the whole thing up to make her jealous. Kirsten urges a reluctant Ned to make a decision on co-parenting rights. Ned admits to Janae he still can’t trust Kirsten and when they learn she’s contacted a lawyer, they fear the worst. When Janae sees Kirsten picking Mickey up from school and driving off, she worries Kirsten has taken the law into her own hands. Josh expresses his disappointment and lack of respect in Bridget for giving up on her rehabilitation after seeing no improvement in two months. After his words of advice, she decides to give physio another go. VIDEO: Watch Neighbours highlights here