Susan is keen to write an article about Donna’s accident at the building site, but Paul, worried about what she might find out, tells her to forget about it. However, Lyn encourages Susan to do some digging, suggesting she hacks into Paul’s computer or phone. Toadie overhears and tells Lyn to stop Susan from digging, in order to protect Donna.

Ringo arrives at the hospital to see Donna with a balloon and cuddly toy, however, his gifts are overshadowed by the ones her dad, Nick, bought her. When Declan arrives and tells Donna how Ringo saved her, Nick becomes uncomfortable. The boys don’t understand why he is being like that.

Steph and Lucas both have to take half a lesson as part of the interview for the mechanics teacher’s job. Lucas isn’t nervous until he sees Steph looking very professional with a folder full of notes. However, Lucas’ more hands-on approach goes down a storm with the kids, much to Steph’s annoyance.

Ringo catches Nick outside Donna’s room and asks if there is a problem as he has been acting weird. Nick tells Ringo that he hurt Donna before and doesn’t want it happening again. Ringo reassures Nick that it won’t, and blurts out that he loves her. Donna overhears and is surprised.

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