Susan battles with her feelings for Tom

After receiving a frustrating phone call from Karl, Susan confides her annoyance to Tom. Swept up in the moment, and subconsciously punishing Karl, Susan almost shares a passionate kiss with her former flame – and their moment of intimacy is unfortunately witnessed by Lolly who’s convinced they did in fact kiss. Lolly tells Ringo what she saw, but Ringo insists they keep it a secret from Rachel and Zeke.

Meanwhile, Susan is feeling awkward following Tom’s heartfelt declaration of his feelings and decides it would be best to leave camp. However, she’s thrown when Tom challenges her decision – she can run, but she can’t hide from her feelings.

Bereft Paul tries and fails to get a bed at Lassiters and is forced to bunk down in Ned’s empty flat, where he’s furious to find a charity parcel of food from Elle. Later at ScarletBar, he’s further humiliated when Steph informs him he no longer has a tab, and his credit card is rejected.

In a final bid to win back his empire, Paul seeks the assistance of dodgy Doctor Charlotte, offering her $100,000 to forge a medical report that would state he was of unsound mind when he signed his company over to Elle.

Also, Toadie persuades Steph to pose as his nonexistent Swedish girlfriend.