Susan bonds with Harry

Susan tries to get to the bottom of why Harry broke in. She soon discovers he was after the keyboard but Harry begs her not to tell Kate what he’s done. Susan agrees to keep his confidence on the condition that he plays something for her. Reluctant Harry plays and loses himself in the music. Susan learns that it was his late mother that taught him to play and a new bond is formed between them.

Steph is finding it harder to resist Lucas’s charms so she decides to stop spending time with him outside work. She refuses his offer of a drink but Susan advises her that ignoring the problem won’t make it go away. Resolved to get her feelings out into the open, Steph heads to the garage to talk to Lucas but finds him in the middle of a very dodgy poker game.

Mickey struggles with the new baby in the house and Miranda assumes it’s a simple case of sibling rivalry. However, Lou discovers that it’s more complicated than that. Seeing the bond between parents and children has reminded him of his own mother. Now that Kirsten’s condition is improving, is it time for him to be with his own parents?

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