Susan can’t seem to avoid Bernard

After what she feels was a disastrous date with Bernard, Susan tries to avoid him by joining Sonya at a different yoga class. However, to Susan’s dismay, the instructor is off sick and Bernard has agreed to take the class. Bernard pays particular attention to Susan throughout the class, much to her discomfort, and even though she tells him she’s just not into him, he perseveres until Vanessa, in her forthright way, tells him to back off in no uncertain terms.

With the tension between Andrew and Summer at a high, Chris decides not to celebrate his birthday, though Aidan is determined to throw him a surprise party. Then George tells Chris that they’re organising a family barbecue for him and that he can bring a few close friends. Chris now faces a dilemma: does he tell his father about Aidan? Does he tell Aidan about the barbecue? Unfortunately, feeling his newly-formed bond with George could be at stake, he does neither, even though Tash urges him to man up.

Andrew and Summer agree on only one thing – they can’t be around each other without fighting. Neither wants to ruin Chris’s parties, so they agree that Summer goes to one and Andrew to the other.