Susan changes her plea

Susan decides to plead not guilty following her conversation with Zeke. Steve and Bridget are supportive although Riley is determined she should be punished. However, when Susan returns to work, she’s unable to deal with Declan’s disrespectful attitude, and loses control of her class, leaving Pepper to step in to break up a fight. Rebecca is called in to deal with Declan in the wake of his fight with Zeke, prompting Declan to opt to cut his losses and leave Erinsborough.

Pleased that Susan has changed her mind, Toadie sets about trying to find a suitable defence strategy. But Rosie is troubled by Toadie’s emotional involvement in the case and tells Toadie it might be affecting his perspective. After taking Harold’s advice, Toadie realises that Rosie is right, and tells Susan that her chances in court will be greatly improved if they bring in a barrister.

Steve brings home a heavily pregnant guinea pig called Sally and leaves Bridget in charge of her. When Sally goes into labour, Bridget calls Steve but he pretends to be busy at the clinic. Forced to deliver the baby guinea pigs herself, Bridget is profoundly moved by the experience, and Steve and Riley are pleased Bridget has cheered up.