Susan comes home

Susan returns home from hospital and is visited by Darren who insists everything is fine with Libby. But it’s not long before Susan hears he and Libby arguing and learns the truth about Darren’s affair. Susan bans Darren from the house before furiously turning on Karl and demanding to be kept informed about the affairs of her own family.

Struggling to deal with Susan’s illness and the strain of life at home, Zeke and Rachel both head out. Rachel accepts an invitation to a nightclub from older man Angus, and Zeke sneaks out of his window to attend a dance party.

Riddled with guilt, Valda is all smiles to Toadie and Steph as she privately compensates them for the mess she’s made with the stolen car claim. But when Toadie catches Valda’s fake car thief, she is finally forced to reveal the truth about what she’s done, and Toadie and Steph promise to help her out of the mess.

After Elle’s feature article is published in a rival newspaper, the impressed editor Brad offers her a job at the Erinsborough News alongside Riley.

Also, Marco and Carmella play at being a couple as they prepare to host a cocktail party for their clients.

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