Susan comes under attack

Susan and Libby face a public backlash after Paul’s article about their surrogacy plans continues to make waves and cause scandal. Rocked by a confrontation with a judgmental stranger, Susan’s confidence falters. But Libby inspires her to hold her head high. However when they return home they realise there’s been a break-in. Is Susan now in danger because of what she’s offered to do for Libby?

Dan finds Harry at the bus stop and brings him home. Harry expects to be in trouble with Kate but it’s Sophie’s strong words that make him rethink his actions and apologise for running away. Next day, he pawns a beloved watch given to him by his mother to buy a keyboard from the school fete, but when he returns with the cash, the keyboard has been taken back to the Kennedy’s place. It was never for sale – and Harry’s attempts to buy back his watch fail.

Toadie startles Callum with his plans for them to train a Guide Dog puppy. Callum rejects the dog and Toadie assumes he’s reluctant to connect to something he knows will be gone within a year. However, Callum surprises him by revealing he’s concerned about betraying Bob’s memory by taking on a new pet.

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