Susan confronts Paul over his sale of the paper and he reveals that the Erinsborough News is to merge with another publication, putting Susan’s job at risk. Karl offers her a drink in the hotel room he’s won where she vents her feelings over Paul’s selfishness, but Sophie delivers a package of complimentary gifts, including champagne and strawberries, which freaks Susan out. She believes Karl is trying to seduce her and immediately leaves. Has Karl missed his chance?

Trying to get on Rani’s good side, Priya is lenient with her at home thinking she’ll get more respect at school. But keen to make her mother pay for her infidelity, Rani starts breaking the rules at school, ignoring Kate’s instructions and posting nasty comments about her mother on the Internet. Eventually, Priya is left with little option but to punish her daughter with detention and threaten her with worse. Rani returns home ranting about her mother but when Ajay gets to the truth, he supports Priya’s actions, infuriating Rani even more.