Susan persuades Zeke, Declan and Kate to attend her first Ethics presentation at Uni. The lecture is about the confidentiality agreement arising from Donna’s accident, and as soon as Susan starts talking, Declan looks worried. Despite her talk receiving mixed reviews, Susan decides to publish it on Facebook.

Declan talks to Paul about Susan’s lecture, but Paul insists he’s done nothing wrong. He paid the builder everything he was owed, and a confidentiality agreement is standard business procedure. But when Susan’s article receives a nasty and very personal response, Declan suspects it may have come from Paul. He manages to unlock Paul’s safe and his investigations lead him to discover Paul is holding evidence that puts someone else in the frame for the building site accident…

Donna broods over her decision not to marry Ringo. Did she do the right thing? She overhears Natasha having a fiery debate with Michael and realises she has to stand up for what she wants. Donna confronts Nick, who surprises her by insisting that while he may not like some of her choices, he’ll always love her. Buoyed by this, Donna must do her best to win Ringo back. Will the engagement be back on?

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