Following her lecture on ethics, in which Susan used Donna’s accident at the building site as an example, Susan has been receiving sinister email threats. However, she is determined to win her classmates over by inviting them to dinner, but when no one turns up and a virus corrupts her computer, she begins to fear for her safety. Clearly shaken up, she confines in her sympathetic lecturer about her cyber bully. Although when turning to Libby about her stalker, she insists that she must go to the Police.

As a result of Natasha’s stirring, Summer frets over her relationship with Chris, concerned about their lack of intimacy. Seeking advice from Steph, she tells her that Chris should respect her for who she is and what she wants. Summer begins making public declarations of their affection, much to the annoyance of Natasha. Although after an enjoyable evening with Chris watching horror films, she soon comes to appreciate the value of Steph’s words.

Zeke and Donna learn of Susan’s online threats and hatch a plan to help. Meanwhile, as Susan gains some college friends, a previous conversation comes back to haunt her through the University’s tannoy. Fearful, Susan is left alone and humiliated by the mysterious stalker. Carl advises Susan to stay away from the University until all matters are resolved, but Susan is determined to stay on.

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