Susan is worried when she can’t get in touch with Jim. She tries to make sure nothing’s happened to him. Unable to get information from Rhys, she shares her concerns with Karl. Karl guiltily tracks Jim down and asks him not to reveal the fact that he told him to stay away from his wife. Jim respects Karl’s wishes but Susan can tell he’s hiding something. Putting two and two together, furious Susan confronts Karl over what he’s done.

Andrew is determined to earn some money so he can celebrate finishing his exams. He starts looking for alternative accommodation where he can house backpackers. He’s hit with inspiration when Paul reveals he’s taking a business trip and tells Summer he plans to bring the backpackers to his house. Although dubious, Summer helps Andrew prepare for the first guests. But can Andrew pull this off without any of the neighbours finding out what’s going on?

Michael chases Chris for his university preference form and Chris reveals he’s decided not to go to uni. He assures him he’s spoken to his family about it, but an encounter with George confirms he’s lying. Michael keeps his secret but warns Chris the truth will come out sooner or later.