Susan and Karl are alarmed to learn that Susan has had a series of mini strokes and the risk of a more substantial stoke is high. Both put on a united front to protect Zeke and Rachel who worry about Susan. Shocked to hear of her mum’s poor health, a concerned Libby arrives from Shepparton with her son, vowing to stay in Erinsborough as long as necessary. As the family bond to help Susan through her crisis, Miranda anxiously waits for the right moment to ask Susan’s forgiveness for her behaviour.

After learning that Toadie considered forcing an adjournment of Susan’s trial, Rosie lays into her partner for not telling her about his intentions. Toadie can’t justify his behaviour, feeling unable to confide in Rosie about his panic attacks and dwindling professional confidence. And the tension between them escalates when Toadie announces he plans to abandon their law firm and look for other work.

Carmella is embarrassed by the failure of her business venture – but she worries that she will lose her independence if she lets Marco take control.

Also, Bridget is stunned when Declan asks her out on a date.

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