Susan gives Rachel food for thought

Susan goes to great lengths to hide her MS relapse from Rachel, but when Rachel is involved in another dramatic encounter with Justin at school, Rachel’s belief she’s responsible for the decline in Susan’s health is confirmed. When Rachel confronts Susan about loving her less post-Angus affair, Susan struggles with how to answer.

Frazer helps Toadie see that people can change, and Steph and Toadie come together to restart the wedding countdown. When Steph ‘uninvites’ him from her wedding to protect her mother Lyn, Paul is reminded that he is capable of infidelity and great cruelty to those he loves. Rebecca surprises him with uncommon understanding, but Paul privately doesn’t feel worthy.

Elle continues to feel estranged from Paul, and guilty about the damage that’s doing to the relationship with her father. At Karl’s suggestion, she makes a major concession to Paul, but it does little to dampen Paul’s disappointment.

*Showing on RTE One, Monday May 19*

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