Susan has an admirer

Determined to maintain a healthy lifestyle, Susan heads to a yoga class but Paul puts pressure on her to complete some work for him. At Karl’s request, Summer convinces her to leave the work until later and joins her for the class, where yoga instructor Bernard obviously takes a fancy to Susan. After the class, Bernard asks her out and she initially turns him down but Summer convinces her to try to live life to the fullest and she returns to the class and asks the yoga instructor out on a date.

Rhys is to join Vanessa for dinner but Lucas gets wind of it, seeks him out and tells him to back off, claiming that his interest will be no good for Vanessa. Rhys takes Lucas’s words to heart and fails to show up for dinner, though he does arrive later with an apology for Vanessa. It’s clear that Rhys is not about to back down.

Ajay books The Right Prescription’s first gig at Charlie’s but Karl worries that the band’s not ready and asks Susan to be there for moral support. Then he learns she’ll be bringing a date…