Susan takes on a surrogate mother role when she accompanies Rani to the GP where she is prescribed the pill. Meanwhile, Ajay is affronted when he finds Rani and Bailey kissing. When Rani confesses to Ajay that she went to the doctor to go on the pill he presumes it’s because she and Bailey are taking their relationship further. Ajay confronts Susan and tells her to mind her own business.

When Paul forces Kate and Kyle into an awkward kiss, they confront their guilt once again. Determined to move on, Kyle meets up with Georgia for a night of romance in the Lassiters honeymoon suite. However Kyle has a dream about Kate.

Meanwhile, Mason and Kate have had their own romantic night together, and Mason finally puts his jealousy to bed. Covering her guilt, Kate assures Georgia she’s reading too much into it. When Kate thanks Georgia for putting in a good word with Mason, Georgia assures Kate that’s what friends are for.

Karl’s annoyed when Ajay suggests that Karl’s original songs are not what audiences want to hear, and The Right Prescription is more popular with Georgia in it.