Susan hires Toadie to defend her

Annoyed that Catherine appears to looks down on Frazer for being a cab driver, Rosie finally snaps. Catherine responds to Rosie’s rage by accusing Rebecchi Cammeniti of being deluded about Susan’s chances in her upcoming trial and Toadie promptly fires her. With time running out, Susan argues that they only have one serious option – Toadie will have to defend her in court.

Tackling her fears head on, Bridget’s first day at school goes well, and she even has a breakthrough with Declan, after explaining she’s been avoiding him because she was scared. Meanwhile, Miranda overhears Bridget reading out a touching letter nominating Susan for Teacher of the Year and realises that if her injured daughter can forgive the person who caused her accident, then she can too.

Valda is devastated when Zeke finds evidence that Jude Troy’s website service is a scam. Knowing she’ll never get her cash back, and too proud to admit she fell for a con, she refunds everyone involved from her own bank account, and tells everyone the money came from Jude himself.

Also, Carmella is devastated when Oliver admits he doesn’t love her, although he promises that they will always be in each other’s lives because of the baby.

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