Susan is in denial

In denial about her recent MS diagnosis, Susan wants a second opinion, causing ructions between Libby and Karl. Susan is furious when Libby tells Toadie and Steph the reason behind her hospitalisation, and berates her daughter for condemning her to a lifetime of illness. But she’s soon made to face reality when Dr Vinton delivers his second opinion. It seems Susan has no hope of a misdiagnosis or a miracle cure. Janae finds it hard to deal with Kirsten’s reappearance in their lives, but tries to make a go of things for Mickey and Ned’s sake. She invites Kirsten to dinner but feels left out when the others reminisce about their shared past. Ned, meanwhile, finds himself increasingly called upon to keep the peace. Bridget is trying to work out how she feels about last week’s kiss with Josh, although things aren’t helped by Declan, who wants to apologise for his past mistakes. But Bridget’s rejection spurs him on, and he impulsively kisses her. But angry Bridget rejects Declan and tells him she already has a boyfriend. Also, Libby finds a letter from school about Zeke’s behaviour at the pool and promises to take care of it, providing Zeke and Rachel promise to talk to her about their problems. VIDEO: Watch Neighbours highlights here