Susan and Karl drift apart

Has Izzy done too much damage?

There is still tension between Karl and Susan after Izzy’s departure. Karl suffers a double dose of bad news when Clive tells him that, with no money from Izzy, the new hospital wing will not go ahead and he has lost his old job in the process. Karl returns home and Susan is reluctant to play the supporting wife and tells Karl she is going to Oakey to help Ben settle in and to have some time to think. Meanwhile, Holly is hurt by Izzy’s actions but is putting on a brave face. Can Karl get Holly to open up?

Meanwhile, David is livid that Aaron ripped Rafael’s shirt and and revealed his burn scars. David is quick to comfort Rafael but is eager to know about his connection to Sue Parker. Rafael avoids the questions by continuing to be distressed over Aaron’s actions. However, Mishti knows that Rafael hates Paul, so she’s keen to get to the bottom of his connection with Sue Parker. Mishti realises Raf and Sue must have worked together to cause the accident that could have killed Leo! Mishti takes Rafael to the police station and he admits everything.

Also, Dipi learns she will no longer receive Izzy’s money to fund her theatre group. How will Dipi take the news and can Shane put a smile on her face?