Susan loses her sight

The lack of sensation in Susan’s hands lands her back in hospital, but there’s no immediate diagnosis which infuriates Karl and distresses Rachel and Zeke. Libby and Karl’s closed attention and concern only serves to smother Susan, but Libby and Ben cheer her up by taking her out on a shopping trip. But Susan’s nightmare continues when she finds herself alone in the car park unable to see. Heartbroken Ringo begs Rachel for a second chance but this time Rachel is adamant their relationship is over. Ringo realises how much his own troubles are affecting those around him when he learns his mum is planning to cancel a cruise holiday to look after him. Resolving to make some changes in his life, Ringo enlists Rosie and Frazer’s help to draw up a contract which lists his promises to Prue. Finally convinced that Ringo is ready to properly deal with his eating disorder, Prue bids farewell to number 30. Having learned about the hardship faced by drought-stricken farmer Gary Allen, Elle feels guilty when she and Riley’s damning article appears. And when the animal cruelty report clears Gary of any wrongdoing, Elle plucks up the courage to apologise to Gary, only to learn he is about to lose his farm to the bank. VIDEO: Watch Neighbours highlights here