Karl is fuming after Izzy’s request to have another child. Izzy makes it clear that she doesn’t want him back, but just wants him to be the biological father to her second child. Confused by the request, Karl goes off and tells Toadie about Izzy’s request. Meanwhile, Xanthe lets Susan into Izzy’s hotel room, where she finds the pregnancy leaflets…

Mark and Piper are left in shock when they realise that Tyler has decided to get a prison transfer to Adelaide. However, Aaron knows that Tyler has made the decision because Ben told Tyler that Aaron was prepared to make a deal with Adrian to protect him. Tyler says a heartfelt goodbye to his brothers and explains that they have been the dads he always wanted. Meanwhile, Piper races to the prison in an attempt to say a final goodbye to Tyler – will she make it in time?

Finally, Yashvi isn’t keen to do work experience, so Shane asks Toadie to give her a placement at his workplace. Will Toadie say yes?